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CONNECTING & LINKING - WeFaa service to Global Commerce & Industry includes facilitating Continent to Continent flights to promote Business Linkages, Medical Tourism, Cargo Movements, and a whole lot of delightful interventions for Economic Prosperity Infrastructure Developments, Asia-Africa EPIDs Initiative, among and between Nations for Wealth Creation and Mutual Benefits.


1.1 Operating 3 x Business Class Boeing Flights between any destination in Asia and Africa initially.
1.2 Operating 2 x Cargo Flights promoting Global Trade for the benefit of Commerce & Industry.


WeFaa services to member countries is anchored by four Pillars:, Partner, Promote, Digitilize, and Develop.

PARTNER: WeFaa partnership programs for Commerce & Industry benefits Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs for economic empowerment and Social Transformation of Global Communities,

PROMOTE: WeFaa services promotes Economic Prosperity Infrastructure Developments, EPIDs, for Global Wealth Creation and Mutual Benefits,

DIGITALIZE: WeFaa services to members advocates for full digitalization of economic activities in every aspect of Commerce & Industry processes for Global prosperity,

DEVELOP: WeFaa services include the development of Economic Prosperity Infrastructure, EPIDs for Global Commerce & Industry to International standards, creating employment and economic activities for the Nation's of the World.

World Economy Race with GDP

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World Economy Race with GDP (USA, EU, China, South Asia, ASEAN)

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May 04, 2022

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World Economic Forum
World Economic Forum For Asia - Africa -WeFaa


We shall duplicate Light Up Africa! to Asia, one country, one city at a time. We welcome Entrepreneurs, MNCs and SMEs to collaborate for this good course.

World Economic Forum
World Economic Forum For Asia - Africa -WeFaa


World Economic Forum For Asia - Africa has followed one simple mission - to commit in serving the communities of needs by incorporating an agreed fixed allocation of revenue while facilitating the trade at large.

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Central bank moves and supply shocks among top risks to global economy: Reuters poll

Given global growth has likely peaked, forecasters have broadly sided with the view shared by many top central bankers that the recent surge in inflation will be transitory, even though their forecasts are drifting higher.

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Dr. Mohammad Seraj ANSARI Interview with iPlus TV (Indian TV Channel) : Global Economy
The major objective of IICCI is to promote India & OIC Nations, and over 195 countries of the other World business, trade and economic relations. IICCI promotes bilateral trade, investment and technology transfer, facilitates business collaborations, joint ventures, marketing tie-ups and strategic alliances through a set of proactive business-oriented initiative.

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Meet WeFaa ASIA & AFRICA Team

The Executive Board

Asia-Africa Business
Global President
Dr Mohammad Seraj ANSARI
Asia-Africa Business
Mr. Tapiwa Mashenjere
World Economic Forum
Mr. Mohammad Meraj
World Economic Forum
Executive Director
Mr. Iashnar A. Khaiitov